Dita Von Teese: I love high heels

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Dita Von Teese: I love high heels Dita Von Teese: I love high heels Dita Von Teese: I love high heels

Dita Von Teese has revealed her rule for picking heeled shoes is “the higher the better”.

The burlesque performer revealed how she gets her signature look.

The 40-year-old confessed she is a creature of habit and will wear heels crafted by famous designer Christian Louboutin on most occasions.

“Christian Louboutin is one of my closest friends, so most of my shoes are his,” Dita explained to British newspaper The Sunday Times. “I go for a classic pump – the higher the better.”

Dita is well known for her classic retro style, which is reflected in her clothing as well as hair and make-up choices. The US star admitted that although a natural look is the one she goes for, some elements of her beauty have been achieved with a little help.

“I had my beauty spot tattooed on in about 1992,” Dita revealed. “On a whim, I went to this rockabilly tattoo shop in Orange County, California. There were these big greaser guys with tattoos on their knuckles, necks and faces, and they were very amused by me wanting a dot on my face.”

Dita revealed how she keeps her pale skin in check despite living in Los Angeles. The performer explained how sun cream is the key to maintaining her white face, and she regularly reapplies the product throughout the day.

“My white skin is natural, but I use a lot of sunscreen. I’m obsessed with the new brand MD Solar Sciences,” Dita continued. “I spoke to a dermatologist, who advised not to go higher than SPF 30 – the trick is to reapply frequently.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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