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Dita Von Teese attends the Belvedere Vodka Night at Principe Pio train station on March 24, 2015 in Madrid, Spain

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Public Appearances > 2015 > Belvedere Vodka Night At Principe Pio Train Station

The opportunity to see international burlesque star Dita Von Teese put on a complimentary performance was too tempting for many San Franciscans to pass up, which explains why so many people packed the Living Room Bar of the W San Francisco hotel on March 19. It was all to celebrate the opening of the W Beijing – Chang’an. Von Teese performed in a golden oversized birdcage, symbolic of China’s multi-century love affair with bird keeping, as her fans sipped Beijing-inspired cocktails and cuisine. Before the short but sultry show, which drew boldface names, including designer Karen Caldwell, Olga Dubrovsky and Gypsy Rose Lee’s son Erik Lee Preminger, to the VIP area above the bar, Haute Living chatted with Von Teese.

HL: You’re in San Francisco a lot. What is it about this city that you love?
This is my favorite city in all of the U.S. to perform. I brought my full length movie here a few times and we sell out almost immediately. We do The Fillmore usually. It’s like people (hanging) from the rafters. It’s the most energetic and diverse crowd. There’s something about San Francisco; it’s so liberated here and I feel like it’s a place that embraces all different kinds of people. I’ve always enjoyed coming here. I feel really supported here.

HL: Tell me about the bird cage you’ll be performing in tonight.
The W Hotels has created this bird cage art piece. Its not my usual bird cage because I have my own bird cage. But they created this art installation that people can take photos in after the show. I have a golden bird cage that it actually rains on in the inside. I can spin around in it on a perch and the finale is it pours rain down inside of it.


Dita Von Teese attends Davidoff Art Initiative cocktail party on March 13, 2015 in Hong Kong.

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Public Appearances > 2015 > Davidoff Art Initiative Cocktail Party

Monarchy’s new video for ‘Black Widow’ will be out soon. It will feature Dita.

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LINDSAY: You have a video for “Black Widow” coming, right? Another one with Dita Von Teese?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, that should be coming out in about two weeks. We’re good friends with Dita, so after “Disintegration,” we now catch up and hang out a couple of times a year. We might do another track with her, as well.

LINDSAY: Obviously Dita has a certain persona behind her name, and burlesque in general is all about lust and restraint. Do you feel like those themes correlate with your music?

ARMSTRONG: I definitely think that’s why, for me, “Disintegration” worked really well. Her image and our image and our music, and the way we wrote that track for her, I think that was a really good meshing. Her vocal line is almost like a jazz line in this electronic setting, and then the lyrics relate to her quite well. That collaboration was born out of a true friendship and an understanding between two artists.